Evolving Your Website Using Background Videos

Step Into The New Age Of Background Videos

These days, websites without background videos run the risk of appearing old-fashioned. Even dinosaurish,

There’s nothing wrong with dinosaurs, or with looking like one. Dinosaurs are cool. Unless they’re chasing you of course.

But our new background videos have landed, exploded and changed the game. They have wiped out the old standards for beautiful websites, and have replaced them with a new standard that will leave all other websites looking like fossils.

Luckily, both our existing clients and our new ones have access to this brilliant new feature we’ve introduced, and we’d like to share its benefits with you today.

Why Use A Background Video Anyway?

Let’s just assume you are a lover of palaeontology. Who isn’t? You wish Jurassic Park was real, despite the atrocities, and you sit awake at night, staring at the ceiling, but imagining you are in a prehistoric jungle, spying on a T-rex while keeping your eyes peeled for velociraptors.

You visit palaeontology websites regularly of course, to get a glimpse of how these creatures might have looked, how they hunted, and what other dinosaurs they were afraid of. You’re even interested in attending lectures or seminars on the subject. (Believe me, you are. This is a parallel universe we are talking about here. It’s real.)

Discovering Websites

You find a website. It has plenty of information on dinosaurs, and a few nice pictures to illustrate. A lecture is advertised on the website for next week. You decide to think about attending.

The next website you land on has similar images and information about prehistoric reptilian beasts, but behind the text is an ongoing video animation of a dinosaur in action – you can literally see how it might have moved, stalked, crept and ran, and how it checked its surroundings for prey…or other predators.

The video brings the colossus to life for you, and while the information is great to gather from the text and images, the video gives you a whole new dimension of inspiration to draw from. It speaks to something inside of you that is looking for more of the same. You want to see the creature in action as well as read about it.

Another lecture is advertised on this website, for next week too. It’s actually the exact same lecture. You want to attend. Now here’s the question:

If both websites gave similar information, and even had the same lecture on offer, which website would you be more likely to sign up through? Which would entice you more?

For most people, dino-loving or otherwise, the website that had the extra aid of videos would be more appealing. Unless you hate videos, of course, but the appearance of general of video haters in today’s population is very rare. As rare as giant Jurassic reptiles..

The Video-Hunting Culture

Our culture is becoming more and more fast-paced as time goes on. We are becoming more used to quick solutions, instant images and videos to consume, and only reading if we want to find out even more. The way we consume information has shifted, leaning heavily into the realm of videos.

Just ask YouTube.

When people are online these days, they are often hunting for videos before text. A video is easier to consume. It does the work for you. It gives your mind the image that the text is trying to evoke.

Bringing Content To Life

Written content is still absolutely crucial to a website. The text is still always the foundation for a business to promote itself. But if you could bring the words to life using the perfect videos to reflect your business’s service and motives…wouldn’t you do it? Wouldn’t it be a no-brainer?

If you think like us, you would use every tool at your disposal to make people feel warm, welcome and trusting on your website, so they can continue to find out more about you and contact you.

Having a suitable high-quality video running in the background of the text ensures:

  • a professional presentation
  • readers stay engaged
  • your business theme is enhanced
  • your high-quality service is clear
  • your website visitors are more likely to trust you and use your services

Some Prime Examples

Here are some examples of where we’ve been using our new background video feature for our clients who we build business websites for…

A beautiful business website for a housing location company.

We have Cosmopolitan Relocation, whose home page video creates a sense of finding the perfect property for the new tenants. Click here to see their website.

A beautiful british business website using background videos.

We have Events by Caroline Chenier, which uses a beautiful background video down the home page to illustrate the high-class service that Caroline offers. Click here to visit her website.

Small UK British Business Website for Extra Mile Driving School.

We also have Extra Mile Driving School, whose home page background video really gives the franchise a professional look. Click here to visit their website.

You can also view our most recent business website templates here, plenty of which include beautiful and welcoming background videos.

Like What You See?

If you need us to build a beautiful website for you with the all-new background video features to entice your clients, feel free to give us a call. We’re always by the phone!