DotGO Success Story – Embroidery By Design

Growing A Business Using A Website

This success story with DotGO begins ten years ago, when a small business owner in London was seeking a way to grow his embroidery business using a website…

A Family-Run Business Specialising In Large Scale Embroidery

After already being in the embroidery business for thirteen years, Jatinder Dhanjal of Embroidery By Design realised the importance of producing a website for his family-run business as a way to reach new clients.

Around ten years ago, Jatinder noticed one of DotGO’s advertisements in a publication sent out by the Federation of Small Businesses.

The advertisement offered the chance to build your own business website with a fourteen day free trial.

Jatinder was already on the search for a good business website, realising that it would help his business grow by reaching more people who were looking for high quality embroidery services.

A Web Partner To Grow A Small Business

Jatinder had already experienced other website building companies offering to build him a website for thousands of pounds, offering little else than to paste his photographs and his own written content into a pre-assembled layout.

DotGO offered a more affordable solution that was designed not only to build him a website, but to grow his business and attract more clients.

Jatinder got in touch with Emma, one of DotGO’s website designers at the time, and he began building his own website for the business.

With some extra help from Emma in the coming weeks, together they built a website for Jatinder’s embroidery business, optimised to do well on the search engines and attract new clients.

Early Success

Within a few weeks of launching the website, Jatinder’s embroidery business began receiving new enquires online. They began to receive enquires from local people, small businesses and large corporations both locally and overseas.

Within six to eight weeks, even  if you were to type in the broad term “Embroidery” into Google, Jatinder’s website was the first website you would see. He was at the top of the Google search.

Being seen all over the world, his business started to attract more and more new clients.

A New Business Stream

Fast forward to today, where the DotGO website has transformed Jatinder’s business and accelerated its growth, where the company now brings in over 70% of its new business from people landing on the website and deciding that Embroidery By Designs is the company that they want to do business with.

Jatinder’s website has been a way to reach more people and generate good quality leads online, which has allowed his business to thrive.

Business Expansion

Before his website with DotGO, Jatinder and his wife worked with just a few machines and used a small office for their business needs. Now the company has three offices, and has invested in more large embroidery machines to cope with the increased workload and client base.

As well as a lot of new business leads being generated through Jatinder’s website, there is the inevitable word of mouth that helps to fuel further sales on top of the foundation of his web traffic. The more people find him online and use his services, the more people are telling their friends.

What began as an online platform to refer existing potential clients towards, has now become a major contributor in attracting new clients and generating new business from people searching for embroidery online.

“It has taken my business to the next level”

Jatinder reports that the DotGO website has taken his business to the next level, “and even two to three levels above that.” Without the website in place, he doesn’t see how else they could have had so much growth within the last ten years.

Now that he has a website to tell people who his company is, what his company does and where they are based, he ranks on the first page of Google and attracts new clients locally and internationally for search terms such as “bespoke embroidery”, and even “embroidery London”.

A modern revamp to his website by DotGO two years ago has taken things even further and put his business in an even better position to serve the marketplace.

A Long-Standing Business Generator

With a constant stream of new customers, orders coming in from all over the world from all kinds of individuals and companies, and a platform to showcase the high quality service of his business to potential clients, Jatinder has nothing but praise for the DotGO system and the potential it has to grow a business.

If you would ever like to contact Jatinder about his experience with DotGO and the results he has seen, he is always willing to take calls directly and answer any questions you might have.

All of Jatinder’s contact details are on his website – click here to speak with him.