Don’t Be A Clown. Get A Professional Email Address For Your Business.

Business Email Addresses Linked To Your Website Domain

No offence to clowns. It’s an honest living. Make people laugh, perhaps accidentally scare a few crying children, receive your fee, and be on your way.

But if you are not a professional clown, you probably don’t want to be perceived as one. Not many do. You have not spent the time researching, investing and practicing the craft of clownery, so in fact you don’t even deserve to be called a clown.

And if we’re honest, not many people will accuse you of clownery for not having a proper business email address. But they might not call you professional either…

What Is A “Proper” Business Email Address?

“Proper” is not the technical term, by the way. “Professional” is better. For this article, a professional business email address is one that is linked to your own website domain name.

Let’s use an example…

We are at an event, and you ask me what business I’m in.

I have a company called “Custom Boxing Gloves”.  I don’t really, but you can guess what this hypothetical business does.

I show you my business card. “My email’s on there,” I say, casually, expecting you to be in touch with me soon.

“Ok, thanks,” you say, and you look at my card. The logo looks good. The colours are fine. Then you see my email address:

or you see my other business card, which reads:

We often have the same clients for both businesses, incidentally. Usually boxers who live in houses.

When you see that my business is being essentially run out of a bog-standard Gmail or Yahoo! account, does it make you flinch? Cringe? Perhaps not. But does it scream professionalism? Not really.

What if instead, my email address was:

Doesn’t that just look better? To most people it does. It shows that you mean business when your email is directly linked to your domain name.

My website is of course

It’s already obvious that there’s more to see on my website, just by looking at my email address. It builds a sense of depth, without you even going online yet. I’m starting to believe that Custom Boxing Gloves is actually a successful business, with a recent endorsement deal with Anthony Joshua. He also wants his doorbells done.

Sending Newsletters That Reach Your Audience!

If you use an email marketing service to send out mass emails to your adoring readers, it won’t work well with a standard email address…

Gmail, Yahoo! and Microsoft have sent word out to other email servers. They have essentially said “If you receive email from one of our email addresses, but not from our systems, then bounce it away”.

This means that if I use an email marketing service such as TinyLetter or MailChimp, but I still have a standard @yahoo, @hotmail, @aol or @outlook email address, then I’m in trouble. My audience of custom boxing glove lovers will not receive my mail. I need a professional email address.

Of course you can send emails from standard email addresses, but this leads to some later obstacles:

  • Sending our mass emails regularly can lead you to be blacklisted by a company like Google. They might think you are a spammer, and shut down your emailing capabilities.
  • Credibility – if someone emails you and their business name has at the end – are you likely to trust them as much as you would with a professional email address?

So if you want to up your game and become that bit more professional, how do you actually get one of these “professional” email addresses?

Here’s how…

Get Your Own Business Email Address

You need two things:

There are three main avenues you can take to obtain these:

The DotGO Avenue

All of our clients are given a domain name for their website, which we pay for as long as they are with us. You can of course supply your own domain name, if you already have one.

We give you a privately hosted email system, with at least one professional email address, depending on your plan. If you have a personal brand, and your name is Dave, or Jemma, you can choose an email address such as


Using this option means you have your website editor and email system all in one place, and you can also connect your email system to your phone to read on the go, or away from the computer.

Your Web Host

If your website is hosted with another company, then you already have a domain name. A good host is likely to provide you with an email for your domain name, just like DotGO does.

G-Suite by Google

This option is for people who don’t have private emails included in their hosting package. You have a domain name for your website, but no email address.

G-Suite sets you up with a professional email address linked to your domain name, which you must already own. The usability is exactly the same as gmail, but now you have a professional email address.

The cost is £3.30/user/month.

Yahoo Business Mail

Starting at $1.19 per month, Yahoo offer a professional email linked to your custom domain, a mailbox, and even a free domain name…

Will You Take The Next Step?

As you can see, it’s fairly easy to set up a professional email address, and depending on whether your web host provide an email address in your package, it either comes free or at a small cost.

The question is – is it worth it to be taken as seriously a possible from a business standpoint? And to be able to send out newsletters using email marketing services? If it’s free, then it’s a no brainer. If it’s a small fee, then it’s your call…