Blogging FAQs

Questions About Blogging

If you are new to blogging, this page aims to help answer some initial questions you might have. Feel free to ask anything else in the comments below, and we will get back to you asap.

How Long Should A Blog Post Be?

It varies. It depends on the content and your audience. A rough guide of 400-600 words is usually a good place to start.

How Often Should I Blog?

As often as you can. Once a week is a good start for a business. It helps if you keep your blog posts regular and consistent, so people begin to expect content from you on certain days, and you can build your audience.

What Should I Write About?

Anything related to your business. Anything that shows your personality or your expertise in the business. Your blog is about building trust with your audience, showing that you are a valuable resource of information that people become happy to do business with. Click here for some blog ideas to get started.

What Should The Structure Be?

A good blog post should have an introduction, a main body and a summary. Click here for more on structuring your blog posts.

Should I Use Images?

Where relevant and possible, yes. Images can help to soften your article and illustrate your message. If you don’t have any images of your own, Flickr is a great place to start searching. Make sure you filter your search for “No known copyright restrictions” so that the images that come up are free to use on your website. Click here for more on blog imagery.

Do I Need To Be A Good Writer?

Of course it helps if you are, but your main focus can be to keep it simple. You can write short sentences and make things punchy. Keep everything succinct, use bullet points, break up the content with use of subheadings and don’t try too hard to write something great. Just write.

Why Would I Blog In The First Place?

Blogging is great to build relationships with potential clients, build trust with visitors to your website, and to help boost your website in the Google rankings. It makes your website a valuable resource for people to come and use, and makes your product or service more appealing. Click here for more on the power of blogging to grow your business.

What About Keywords?

Keywords are search terms that people type into the search engines when looking for something. Using keywords in your blog post can help the post go higher up the Google rankings and increase your chances of being found. More on keywords for blog posts coming soon…

If you have any other questions about blogging, feel free to ask us! Simply comment below…