An Introduction To Email Marketing

Build Relationships With Your Audience Using Emails

Email marketing is still a useful way to build relationships with your customers and let them know about everything your business has to offer. 

While you may have experience with emails from businesses that are constant ineffective sales pitches, building your email list can actually be a great way to provide a great deal of value and become friendly with your audience.

Direct Communication

Once you have someone’s email address, with their permission to store it and send them emails, then you have a direct line of communication with them, where they can get to know more about you and your business. You can send emails that show off your product or service, or provide value to your audience to demonstrate that you are an expert in your field.

You can also use email addresses as a great way to start conversations, gain testimonials and boost your customer engagement with your business.

Starting A Newsletter

This is the standard way of communicating with people on your email list. Your newsletter can include updates, information, extra content, tips and tricks, promotional discounts and conversation starters with your audience. It should be a regular, consistent communication from you to your audience, which ideally provides value as well as information.

Your newsletter is your opportunity build trust with readers who might not have used your product or service yet. Your newsletter can provide a valuable insight into you and your business, showing people that you are a real person with real values and a great business.

Providing Value

Not every newsletter has to be a sales pitch. It can just be something valuable for your audience to gain from, which also presents you as a reliable source of information and expertise.

Sometimes sales are not always instant. Building an initial relationship with your audience using emails means you start to build a greater foundation for customers who are happy to use your services.

Getting Started With Email Marketing

So now we know what the use of email marketing is – where do we start? How do we actually gain email addresses in an honest and genuine way? How can we build an audience of people who want to hear more from us, and once a relationship is formed, are likely to order from us or use our services?

This is what the next article is about. Click here to learn how to build your email list…