A Return To DotGO’s Business Website Builder

Using DotGO’s Service To Attract More Clients

DotGO’s main focus is to grow people’s businesses. Whether the business provides a service or product, DotGO’s aim is to help your business flourish and attract more customers by building beautiful and lead-generating websites.

Tony’s story shows that even if you are a customer who has moved away for a while, we are always happy to help any business in need of some growth.

A Reliable Tradesman In A New City

Tony Fowler is a plasterer. He has over thirty years of experience in his trade and is always dedicated to giving the best customer service. He takes pride in doing every job to the highest standard, and while working in London for most of his life, had no trouble finding lots of work. He had a long list of fantastic Checkatrade reviews, a good reputation, and a DotGO website that helped to draw in more clients for him in both the domestic and commercial plastering trades.

Tony recently moved to Edinburgh to be closer to his family, and he decided to use a more local company for his plastering services in the local area. Unfortunately, this new website did not do much for his business. He was given a domain name that did not bear the search engines in mind, and not much was done for him in terms of fresh content creation. Most of the content was just copied and pasted from his old website, but without optimising the content enough to draw in traffic from people in his new area.

A Return To DotGO’s Website Building Service

Recently Tony has returned to DotGO, seeking to drive in more customers from Edinburgh using his website in an already competitive market. Tony was gladly welcomed back, and we were happy to set about building him a brand new search engine-optimised website, which took less than a week to produce from start to finish.

How To Attract More Customers Online

The first thing the designers noticed was that if Tony was to do well on the search engines for people looking for plastering in the Edinburgh area, he would need a lot more content on his website. More content based around his service and trade would mean that his website would be looked at more favourably as a reliable resource by Google, and so would do better on the search engines.

The Process Of Website Design

Tony began by speaking over the phone with Jen, the website designer. She asked him a standard list of questions related to the basics of his service, his area, and what he wanted from his website. After the call Jen got to work on building a website layout over five pages, to get the most out of what Tony has to offer his clients.

The next stage was to talk to Adam, the content writer. The next day, Adam called Tony to discuss more details of the business – the history, the services offered and the qualifications Tony had. Adam was also able to gauge a sense of what was important to Tony when he carried out his work for people, as well as gather information on Tony’s extensive experience. After a 45 minute phone call, Adam was able to write over ten pages of fresh content, based off of the website structure that Jen had already built.

Jen then proceeded to insert the content into the website, and optimise and tweak anything she needed to so that the website could do as well as possible on the search engines.

After these two phone calls with Tony, a brand new website was produced, optimised to do well on Google and attract new customers. Another phone call was made to make sure he was completely satisfied with his website, and to address any questions or issues he had.

Tony was very pleased with the results, and was then given control over the website if he ever needs to make any edits to the text in the future.

A Business Website Solution

Tony is a prime example of the small business owners that DotGO loves to serve – a hardworking and honest person providing a quality and valuable service, who just needed an extra bit of help online to draw in more customers.

Tony needs no advice from us on how to plaster a wall or level a floor, but if he ever needs any advice on how to build the best website possible for his business, we are only a phone call away.

If you’d like to view Tony’s new website, click here.