Since Boris Johnson announced that some lockdown restrictions are to be eased from July 4th, we are starting to make plans for the return of all of our colleagues back to the office on the following Monday. With this in mind we have decided to print off some business cards so that when we are safely visiting shops of any kind, we can give out the business cards and offer DotGO’s web design services. For most of the customers I’ve been speaking to during this lockdown period, it has been clear that people have been restless and really wanting to get back onto their feet as soon as possible and in recent weeks. We have been working incredibly hard to build beautiful websites to assist with their return.

I’m a very open and talkative person. I meet people everywhere I go and love to network wherever possible. There were always situations where I would wish I could have given a person a business card so that the person remembers our interaction and takes me up on the offer of building them a beautiful website. 

The whole team are all so excited to be back, and no, I’m not kidding! We’re all friends here and to see other people outside of our personal bubbles is something that each of us have said at one point or another.