Our very own green thumbed designer, John, is extremely knowledgeable with all things plant life, and for the last year or so, he has been working hard on caring for our greenery.

From time to time, John and I have taken some chillies home to eat either in some meals or even making some hot sauce but I must warn you, these chillies aren’t for the faint of heart.

An average jalapeno is between 2.5-5k Scoville Heat Units whereas the yellow chilli in the picture is 15-30k Scoville Heat Units. The red chillies that we’re growing are sweat inducing 125,000-325,000 Scoville Heat Units.

Let me tell you right now – I am pretty good with spicy foods and chillies. I have spice in pretty much everything I eat but these Fatali chillies are one of the hottest things I’ve eaten in some time.

Just before lockdown there were a few chillies that we could harvest and I made some fantastic hot sauce with these.

Unfortunately, these two wonderful spice-filled plants didn’t like working from home and are on their last legs. However, we’re doing all we can to revitalise them and when we do, I’ll be running a chilli eating competition with the staff. The winner will get a prize of some sort but the prize will be thought about nearer the time of the next harvest.


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