Today marks a special day in DotGO history and before you think it, it’s not about how long we’ve been established as a business or the anniversary of a particular member of the business. Instead, it’s the anniversary of the hidden engine behind DotGO – our coffee machine.

The sales team bounce off each other and are in constant communication with customer updates and other matters, but one of the real drivers is our very own coffee machine. The moment we were gifted this machine we were also given a milk frother and a variety of coffee blends of our choosing. Since we adopted this beautiful machine, there has been an extra little drive to scream and shout about DotGO’s website design  services but I suppose that has something to do with the caffeine as well as our drive.

Here’s a catch, though. Remy and I have both given ourselves some restrictions so that we don’t blow through our coffee stash in the first day; the rule is that we are only allowed to have what we call a ‘fancy coffee’ once we each sell a certain amount of websites during a working day.

The office is filled with little incentives for every person to give us something extra to strive for, such as our team of the month  trophies, which is for a little fun but also gives us that push… maybe because we all love to gloat. 

The DotGO team haven’t been in the office for a few months now so we haven’t been able to keep that going, but we’re due back into the office soon enough after Boris Johnson eased some restrictions from 4th July.  

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